1. 17:10 14th Apr 2014

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    The post office building in #nyc call to me.

    The post office building in #nyc call to me.

  2. Processional professionals. #nyc #street #made_in_ny

    Processional professionals. #nyc #street #made_in_ny

  3. Third ave #brooklyn #brooklyn

    Third ave #brooklyn #brooklyn

  4. A cheap and easy DIY tabletop photography rig

    A friend of mine is starting her own line of jewelry. At this point she’s only showing photos of her work on her phone, but her snapshots got me to thinking: how hard would it be for a novice to make passable almost-pro product shots using only a cell phone and household items?

    The answer is: not hard at all!

    It just takes a little ingenuity and a little sensitivity as to what light can do for your subject. (Note: all photos were shot with my iPhone 5. There’s an old photojournalism saying: the best camera is the one you have with you. Shoot with whatever you’re most comfortable with. If you’re like most folks, you have a phone in your pocket that you shoot with all the time.)

    Here’s a snap of a pair of my wife’s earrings:

    Nothing horribly wrong with that!

    How can we get closer to show some detail and eliminate the wood grain (we’re trying to showcase the earrings themselves here, not so much the quote-unquote atmosphere…in this case, the Ikea faux pine tabletop. I’ll leave that kind of shoot for another time).

    Something like this might be better: 

    Just a simple shot onto the black cover we have on our desktop, with light supplied by an Ikea high intensity light fixture (and no, this is not a paid product placement!).

    Now look at this one:

    How’d we get to this one? With a few pens, packing tape, and a sheet of paper:

    In the photo world, the piece of paper is called a seamless or a scrim. It’s also called an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. I also used a second sheet of paper to bounce a little light onto the right side.

    Oh and see the roll of tape on the left? That’s also the tripod: hand-holding your camera while taking product shots is a one-way ticket to blurryville.

    Here are a few more views of it:

    Is it sturdy? No!

    Is it elegant? No!

    Is it expensive? No!

    I just wanted to show how easy it is to make your product shots stand out just a little bit. Naturally, when you get your line of jewelry into Saks Fifth Avenue, you can spring for a professional to shoot your items to really make them stand out.



  5. 12:13 5th Apr 2014

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    That nice sunbeam on 41st #nyc #street

    That nice sunbeam on 41st #nyc #street

  6. 13:06 3rd Apr 2014

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    West 41st street #nyc #street

    West 41st street #nyc #street

  7. Double exposure with @adriennec11209

    Double exposure with @adriennec11209

  8. Gothic feel to this, no?

    Gothic feel to this, no?

  9. Tales of the city.

    Tales of the city.

  10. Double exposure made with the #TalesOfUs app by @Goldfrapp

    Double exposure made with the #TalesOfUs app by @Goldfrapp